Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stitch Fix Review December 2014

Gosh it's been a long time since I posted!    I had back surgery this summer and suspended my fixes while I recovered.

But... I got some cute stuff this month!

1.   19 cooper Button-up Long Sleeve Blouse $68

$69 for a plain navy sheer button up.  I'm doing stitch fix to get unique pieces that I cannot buy locally.    This is going back.   Plus , it hits to high on my hips and the sheerness shows the ugly back brace that I am wearing post-surgery.

2.   Daniel Rain Kacia Geo-Print Mixed Material Top - $64

Cute print, and it is Navy and Black and Brown!   It will match anything.    The back is solid black jersey knit, and the armholes are so flattering.   I kept this one.

3.  Renee C Shayna Tile Print Blouse. - $54

I LOVE love this top.   It is very blousy at the top, but the navy band at the bottom is snug around the hips.    I wonder if it is supposd to fit like this, or if my post-baby hips are the wrong shape?

4.  Pixley Mini Tulip Print Blouse - $68

I LOVE this top!!!!    But, I already have a navy blouse with heart print from another fix.   I wish this blouse was red or hunter green or plum!   I ended up keeping it anyway.   My heart print blouse is getting worn out.

5. Collective Concepts Graphic Print Blouse - $64

I LOVE this too!   But I have a hard time paying so much for a shell that I'll layer a sweater over the top.

So there ya go.  My newest fix :)