Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kids Chunky Necklace DIY - Part Two

Today, we are going to talk about using 1/16" nylon ribbon knotted and heat sealed, to make those chunky bubblegum kids' necklaces.

Here's part two of a post that I started last week.  You can read the part one here.

Just like last time, let's pretend that you already have your necklace supplies ready.

  • You have all your pretty beads laid out in order.  Always remember to add Color, Texture, Pattern, and Shine... it works for jewelry too, not just on What Not to Wear.
  • Spacer beads. Note:  spacers aren't necessary.  I like the look of a necklace that doesn't have spacers.  BUT - spacer beads offer flexibility to a necklace.  Without spacers, there will be more stress at the connection points.  Meaning, there is a higher likelihood that the necklace will come apart at the clasp.
  • 1/16" Nylon ribbon and a long sewing needle.
  • A lighter... I used the one my husband lights the grill with.

The Process, using ribbon:

  • Thread your ribbon through a needle and put on all your beads.
  • At the end of the necklace, knot the ribbon tightly onto the clasp.

  • Trim the ribbon, leaving only a short little 'tail.' 
  •  Using a lighter, melt the little tail of remaining ribbon.  Don't let it catch on fire!

  •  Wait a couple of seconds after removing the ribbon from the flame.  Then, use your fingers to press the melted ribbon firmly onto the knot.

  • Repeat for the other end of the necklace.
  • This method makes it IMPOSSIBLE for the knot to come undone, since it's melted and heat sealed.

  • Do you make chunky bubblegum necklaces?  What's your favorite type of pendants?  I am loving converting small PVC toys into pendants!

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