Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kids Chunky Necklace DIY - Part Three

Today, we are going to talk about using stretch string, to make those chunky bubblegum kids' necklaces.

This is part three of a post that I started two weeks ago.  you can read the part one here, and part two here.

Just like the last couple times, let's pretend that you already have your necklace supplies ready.

  • You have all your pretty beads laid out in order.  Always remember to add Color, Texture, Pattern, and Shine... it works for jewelry too, not just on What Not to Wear.
  • Spacer beads. Note:  spacers aren't necessary.  I like the look of a necklace that doesn't have spacers.  BUT - spacer beads offer flexibility to a necklace.  Without spacers, there will be more stress at the connection points.  Meaning, there is a higher likelihood that the necklace will come apart at the clasp.
  • Stretch string... you can buy it in the craft section of Walmart, where they sell Pony Beads.  Or, any craft store like Hobby Lobby sells it.
  • Super glue

The Process, using stretch string:

  • Add your beads to the stretch string
  • There's no need for a clasp!  Just tightly knot the two ends of the necklace together, using several square knots.

  •  Put a little dot of super glue on the knots, so they don't come undone when you trim the extra.

  • Trim the extra string away after the glue dries, and you're done!

    Super easy, huh?   And super cute too!!!