Monday, February 3, 2014

Swimsuit Shopping for my Girls

I am loving all the spring items that are cropping up in our stores lately!   I fell in LOVE with a Garnet Hill kids swimsuit last season, but alas I waited too long to purchase it.  And it was sold out.  I was heartbroken, and so decided to order swimsuits early this year!   I found a few cute options online today, and thought I would share them on the blog.

1 - Circo Infant Toddler Girls' 2-Piece Tankini Set

  1. At $12, this is so cute!  The suit I missed out on last year was chevron. 


2 - Garnet Hill Kids Ruffle-Trimmed Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

This is the newer version of the suit I missed out on last year.  I love that it is fully lined, and covers all that parts of my little girl that I don't want everyone on the beach seeing.  This suit is available in lots of fun prints, and on sale right now for $20!

3 - Kelly's Kids Halter Style Bikini Top and Matching Skirted Bottoms 

Seersucker, embroidered whales, and the ability to monogram??? Yes please!!!  This is a little pricier... the top is $28 and the bottoms are $26.  Plus you have to pay $10 extra for monogramming, and also you must pay shipping on this site.  But gosh it's cute and preppy!

4 -  Carter's One Piece Ruffle Shoulder Swimsuit

My girls love flamingos.  The local high school has a flock of fake flamingos, and will put them in your yard as a fundraiser.  You can pay to have your friends' yards 'flocked.'   Since the flock landed on our lawn last year, the girls have been all about 'pink birds.'  Plus, this ruffled shoulder style is so cute too.  This suit is on the Carter's website right now for $20.40 on sale.

 So there you have it!  My favorite cute toddler swimsuits for Spring 2014!

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