Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Safety Tattoos for Traveling With Little Ones

We go to Disney World at least once a month.  Sometimes we stay for a couple of days, and other times we just do day trips.   After becoming separated from our 3 year old in a crowded restaurant, we decided to find a way to make traveling safer.  (Yes, I know I could put my child on a leash, but that's not really a good solution for us right now.)

So, I found Lost & Found Temporary Tattoos on Amazon (LINK HERE).

I ordered the girl pack.  It came with everything pictured, plus a permanent marker for adding your phone number(s)  to the tattooo after it dries.

My daughter liked the fact that she could choose a butterfly, heart, or unicorn tattoo.

After using the cleansing towelettes that were provided, we applied a butterfly tattoo using water and a damp washcloth.  Singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is the perfect timer - by the time your little one finishes the song, it will be time to remove the backing from the tattoo.

TIP - Make sure the tattoo is completely dry before writing your contact info on it.  Otherwise, your pen will tear the tattoo.  I used a photo editing program to remove the last 4 digits of my cellphone number, so I don't get random calls from internet people :)

The tattoos lasted for the entire 3 day trip, I just had to be careful to not put sunscreen on them.   I also took the permanent pen with me and freshened up our cellphone numbers each day.

I had SO MANY people stop me and ask where I got the tattoos for both my girls.  They certainly made me feel a little better about taking my kids into the crowds, since they aren't old enough to tell someone our phone number.

***I was not reimbursed in any way for this review.  The company does not even know that I am writing this.  I am just sharing an awesome product with anyone who might be planning a Disney trip with little ones. 

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