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Stitch Fix #3 - March 2014

My third Stitch Fix has arrived!!   If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix, check out this post here to see what it's all about.  My stylist this time was Michelle, again!!! I requested that she do my March fix, since she did such a good job with my February box.

Check out the link for my first Stitch Fix here, and my second Stitch Fix here.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell them all about your style, size, and budget preferences, and your personal stylist sends you a box of clothing and accessories to try on at home. Each Fix is unique and hand-picked just for you.  You keep what you like, and return the other items for free!

My main reasons for using Stitch Fix:
  1. I am a SAHM.  I cannot take a 3 year old and 1 year old shopping, while maintaining my sanity.
  2. I live really far from shopping options.  I live 40 miles from Target and Kohl's.  I live 115 miles from Gap, Anthropologie, H&M, Dillards, etc. I can't just run out and find cute, good quality, unique clothing, unless I make a day trip of it.  And there's no way I could do it if both my girls are with me.  It would not be fun at all! 
  3. When I factor in gas costs for a shopping trip, it's worth it to pay slightly higher prices through Stitch Fix.  Even if I could pay a few dollars less by shopping sale racks at the mall, the travel expenses and headaches to get to the mall aren't worth the savings.  Plus, Stitch Fix makes me go outside my comfort zone, and I need that!

I Did Not Cheat This Time!  (I actually forgot that I had a box on the way)

I actually meant to skip my box for this month, and wasn't even in town when it was delivered.  I was visiting my mom out of state, and my hubby called to let me know I had a box to look through when I returned.

Boy, was I totally IMPRESSED with what I received!!!  I had tons of color and lots of fun details.  I received a shirt that I pinned three separate times on my Pinterest fashion board.  I have to apologize for the photos this time.  I didn't have time to try everything for photos before my returns were due back to Stitch Fix.  Plus, we are in the middle of moving and renovating my husband's office space, which means my hair has been in a pony tail and I've been paint splattered for a solid week.

Before I move on to the review, I want to share my referral link.  I'm not compensated by Stitch Fix for this review.  BUT... if you use my link to sign up, I'll get a small credit to use towards my next 'fix.'  I would be really grateful for a referral credit!

The Review

So, here's a pic of the box I got in the mail.

And once again, my items were so nicely presented.

There was a note from my stylist, and cards that showed me how to style the items in my fix.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!! Eeek!!!



First Item:  Yohan Distressed Cropped Skinny Jean by Kut From the Kloth- $98

I got white skinny jeans this time!  They're kind of cropped, hitting right above my ankles.  I guess I should have mentioned in my style profile that I don't wear distressed jeans.  And I definitely don't pay $98 for pants that have holes in the thighs.  They are cute and fit like a glove!  But I returned them.

The distressing started below the knee and ran all the way up to my thighs.  Not a fan of this style. 

Item:  Kut From the Kloth white distressed skinnies
Status:  Sent Back



Second Item: Mindy Ikat Print Key-Hole Sleeveless Blouse by Ezra - $48

This is the cheapest item in my box, and I really love the trendy coral and mint colors!  Plus I've really wanted to try something ikat print.  I was disappointed that this shirt was too roomy.  It was too big all over, and just hung off of me, kind of like that feather print blouse from my first fix, that I loved so much.  If it hadn't been quite so droopy all over, I would have kept it.

I loved the summery keyhole in the front! 

Item:  Ezra Ikat tank
Status:  Sent back



Third Item:  Miranda Embroidery Detailed Tank by 41Hawthorn.

I think I received an incorrect item again.  My invoice says this tank should be by 41Hawthorn, but the tank I received was by the brand Pomelo.  Regardless.... I love the color of this tank... cobalt blue.  And the embroidery detail and scalloped hem is so pretty.  The fabric is also very nice... a cotton gauze that will breathe well in the summertime.  Unfortunately, this shirt also must run a little on the large size.  There was way too much extra fabric at the hips, and the underarm area was too droopy, I guess because I have a small chest.

The entire hem is scalloped and embroidered.

There is a keyhole in the back, with a cute hemstitched detail.

Item:  41 Hawthorn (or maybe Pomelo) Miranda Tank
Status: Sent back




Fourth Item:  Priya Tribal Printed Knit-back Tank by Pomelo- $54

This is the tank that I pinned 3-4 times on my Pinterest board this past month.  It's tribal, it's mint green, and it's mixed fabrics.  I love it.  It fit everywhere except under the arms/in the bust.  It was too big.  So I had to send it back :(

Item:  Tribal tank by Pomelo
Status: Sent back

Fifth Item:  Adelyn Abstract Print Drawstring Waist Dress by Kensie- $68

I love the soft material of this dress.  And the mesh inset details.  And that the skirt is double layered and so very comfortable.  I wore it today, actually, with black leggings, ballet flats, and a denim jacket.  So very comfy!
See the mesh insets at the shoulders and V-neck?

Item:  Kensie abstract print dress.
Status:  KEPT!!


The Verdict

So, if I had kept all five items, I would have received a 25% off discount, plus the $20 credit from my styling fee, plus $5 leftover from a referral credit.  Which means I could have gotten five items for $221.50.  Now, this is significantly more than my first fix, which would have been $132 for all five items.  BUT - the items I received this month were perfect for me, and within the limits I set in my style profile.  I ended up keeping  just the one dress, and only paying $23 out of pocket.  Not too bad!!!

 Was my Stitch Fix experience fun, convenient, and delightful?  Sure!   Was it the right size and the right style?  Totally!  My stylist did a great job!  I probably would have kept every shirt, plus the dress, had they all fit.

I sent a quick email to hello@stitchfix.... I asked for them to let Melissa know how very pleased I was with her picks.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the next box might be the one where I keep it all!

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